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RESITRIX Drain Outlet

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RESITRIX Drain Outlet


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Resitrix Self Adhesive EPDM drain outlets are used to join a downpipe to the EPDM membrane where the drain runs through the roof deck.

3 Size Options

  • Width: 55-75mm mm Diameter Spigot (to fit 3 inch Down Pipe)
  • Width: 76-90mm mm Diameter Spigot (to fit 3.5inch Down Pipe)
  • Width: 91-105mm mm Diameter Spigot (to fit 4inch Down Pipe)

Material: Resitrix EPDM Rubber Membrane with Polypropylene spout

Installation Notes:

  1. Fit the membrane first
  2. Cut a hole in the membrane equal to the size of the outlet spigot to be used
  3. Install the drain outlet in position
  4. Heat weld flange to the main membrane working from the inside diameter to the edge.

Resitrix Self Adhesive Drain Outlet

55mm 75mm to fit a 3 inch Down Pipe

Click the link for PDF's - RESITRIX Product Catalogue

SKU: RT-Drop-55-75

 Same day dispatch if ordered before 12pm


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