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Artificial Slate Roof Tiles

Explore our wide range of artificial slate roofing tiles, perfect for repairing your roof’s exterior or installing a new sloping roof!

These roof tiles are made of a mixture of commonly used roofing materials such as cement, fibreglass and recycled slate, and similar to fibre cement slates, artificial roof tiles come in a range of textures and colours.

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High-Grade Artificial Roof Products For Quality Repairs

Our fantastic range of artificial roof tile slates combine modern slate technology and the natural appearances of slates, creating an attractive and high-quality roofing system.

Our roof tiles are made artificially to create an attractive design with a range of colours to suit all roofing systems. With a wide range of artificial slates and tiles from popular brands such as Guardian. Fix up your roof with our selection today!

Looking for something different? Check out our other alternatives for tiles, such as our reliable selection of rubber tiles! If you’re looking for other methods of applying waterproofing onto your roof, we also have our skyguard shed kits for you to choose from.





Artificial slates are one of the most durable roofing materials you can use to repair your roof with. Traditional slates can be damaged by direct sunlight, strong weather and other elements.

Artificial slates are designed to withstand the sun, rain and wind damage, significantly reducing the potential damage your roof may take throughout the year.

If you own any plastic roof tiles, they are considered to be good substitutes for traditional slates!

With a life expectancy of 40 years, installing plastic roofs require minimal maintenance during their lifetime, and the installation process is considered easier than real slates.