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Green Roof Kits

Come take a look at our vast green roof shed kits available for flat and pitched roofs. These green roof kits provide an eco-friendly option for roofing solutions, delivering greener features such as pre-grown mats, sedums, wildflowers and grasses. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly option for your roof that provides a rainwater buffer, air purification and temperature regulation, then consider installing a green roof with our green roofing kit.

Our green roof kits are available in lightweight options, making them a safe and easy option for green roof installations. As part of the climate-proof construction, you will be helping out with creating a greener environment! Browse through our selection today.


Our Premium Green Roof Kits

The kits we offer are diverse and offer various purposes for delivering green roof systems.

  • Mr. Green Pitched Living Roof Kits

These are designed for use on roofs with a 5 to 15-degree pitch. These kits come with the correct amount of extensive substrate and sedum matting to suit your roof size.

  • Mr Green Flat Living Roof Kits

These kits are designed for easy on-site handling. The kits will come with a 20mm roof drain, extensive substrate and sedum matting to suit your roofing area.

  • UK Green Roofing Kits

These roofing kits blend some of the best green roof products on the market. This will come with protective fleece, drainage boards, substrates and sedum matting for your roof size.

  • Sky Garden Systems

These systems are available in sedum and wildflower options. These also come with protective fleece, drainage boards, substrate and a vegetation layer.

Should You Use Our Green Roof Kits?

Roofers and homeowners might already be aware of the benefits of green roofs, from improved drainage systems to increased life expectancy. However, purchasing your green roof kits from our online business means that you will get the best experience and green roof kits available in the UK.

We want to ensure that all of our customers receive a seamless experience with our products, with quick deliveries in mind and taking all feedback into consideration. This has landed us a rate of “Excellent” on TrustPilot and will aim to maintain our quality standards.

So, if you’re looking for a trustworthy green roof kit supplier, consider our selection today.

Where Can You Install Green Roof Kits?

Our green roof kits are designed for flat or low-pitched roofs. As long as your home structure can support the weight of the green roof system, low-pitched or flat roofs are the ideal base for green roofing systems.

Become Greener With Green Roofing Systems

Green roofing systems are becoming more popular due to their benefits. The eco-friendly features that these roofing systems offer have become a suitable method of saving money on energy bills. Furthermore, the attraction of sustainable features also help increase the popularity of green roofs as more people are opting for greener options around their homes.