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Our tapered insulation boards are tried, tested and trusted for quality and performance. We carry a full range of Flat Roof Tapered insulation boards used to improve water drainage. Our range of high-performance tapered roof insulation products is suitable for a variety of applications for flat roofs.

We carry the TT47 for fully adhered systems and TT46 for mechanical fix systems. Using tapered insulation can be a quicker, lighter and cheaper alternative for creating a fall in your roof. The practicality of tapered insulation boards allows for easy handling and lightweight carrying. 

Kingspan TT47: A tapered version of the glass tissue faced TR27, which is designed to enhance water drainage for flat roofs

 Kingspan TT46: Designed to enhance water drainage for flat roofs that are waterproofed with mechanically fixed single-ply waterproofing.

Use our tapered boards to create your own tapered roof or contact us and we will create you a design.




Tapered Insulation Boards FAQs

What is a tapered insulation board?

Tapered insulation boards are used in order to create a fall in flat roofs, which also eliminates any need for structural falls in flat roofs. 

This makes this type of insulation board a quicker and cheaper solution among other types of alternatives.

How does tapered insulation work?

Tapered insulation starts on a dead level surface, with a low point that is in a drain line which helps the slope go from the initial point to a higher point. 
In other words, tapered insulation is where the slope of the roof is formed by the insulation itself, allowing water to drain off.