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Acoustic Roll Insulation Products

For excellent acoustic insulation products, check out our wide supply below.

We hold a diverse range of acoustic insulation installed to reduce impact noise and are compatible with many applications such as under ceramic tiles, wood, vinyl or even laminate.

Our acoustic insulation is used under floors or other surfaces, making them extremely viable for any building that requires quality acoustic insulation. Our range includes Cellecta and REGUPOL, which has a varied selection to suit diverse acoustic requirements. Select from one of our options below


The Benefits of UK Flat Roofing’s Acoustic Roll Insulation

Our selection holds products from reliable suppliers such as Cellecta and REGUPOL, which are widely known for their incredible high-performance acoustic insulation. These products range from flanking strips which are used for preventing acoustic failure, and polyethene foams, specifically designed to reduce impact noise through concrete floors.

Looking to insulate through other means? Check out our vast selection of insulation products today! We have insulation equipped for flat roofs (such as our popular Kingspan TR24) and wool insulation (whether you need mineral or glass wool) for your roofs.





Acoustic insulation is effective in absorbing sound, making it an efficient soundproofing solution for buildings that require quieter environments. In addition to sound insulation, these products also have thermal properties that allow them to warm up your building to some degree.

Glasswool or polyester is mostly used for acoustic insulation as they are considered effective materials for soundproofing your home.

Glasswool is produced using recycled glass materials, while polyester is made from recycled plastic materials, making them a greener alternative for insulation too.

There are around 30 different types of acoustic insulation, but the best types of insulation that delivers a high level of sound absorption are mineral wool and fibreglass.