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Wool Insulation

Browse through our high-quality wool insulation and accessories. We carry a vast range of wool insulation from many leading brands, including SUPERGLASS, Knauf, Rockwool, ISOVER and URSA. These vary from glass wool to mineral wool depending on your requirements, and both sets of products are perfect for their intended purpose.

Explore all of our options below.




Top Quality Wool Insulation For UK Homes

If you are in the market for top quality, effective wool insulation in the UK, then consider UK Flat Roofing’s fantastic selection of wool insulation products and accessories. The selection of wool insulation found in the UK is vast, and it’s often difficult to find the correct one for your home or property.

At our prices, UK Flat Roofing not only offers cost-effective insulation but a selection of high-grade products that are fit for any property or home across the nation.

Our products are provided by trusted manufacturers that produce long-lasting, effective insulation that’s incredibly easy to install. Delivering fire resistant and acoustic properties for flat roofs in the nation.

Branded Products For Added Trust Value

We have a stock selection from brands that offer sustainable building insulation such as ISOVER, and SUPERGLASS, making our catalogue of wool insulation products one of the best in the UK.

These brands are also rated excellently across the board, so you don’t have to worry about ineffective or faulty insulation when ordering from us.

UK Flat Roofing provides a wide range of flat roofing products to meet the needs of your property’s flat roof. Whether you require glass or mineral wool insulation, our selection is both reliable and effective in providing high-quality insulation for your flat roof.

Reduce Heat Loss In Your Building With Our Wool Insulation Products!

With trusted brands, highly efficient insulation, and a number of accessories to help with your home’s heat retention, you won’t be disappointed acquiring your insulation material with UK Flat Roofing.

Wool’s natural structure makes it an incredible form of insulator. Wool is a great source of insulation for any property in Britain, and if you require an effective method of heat retention, our wool insulation is right for you. It also reduces the transfer of heat from the outside during the summer months to keep your property cooler.





Wool insulation can be made from glass fibers (such as glasswool) or melted rock fibers (such as rockwool).

These are held together mechanically or bonded together to form insulating batts and rolls (depending on what your building needs).

With fire resistant and acoustic properties, wool insulation is ideal for all types of properties in the UK.

Glass wool insulation is a type of insulation that’s commonly made with glass fibres. This is made by superheating glass until the material melts, which is then spun quickly to form small and effective glass fibres. These fibres are then bound together to form the insulation material. Glass wool insulation is effective and inexpensive to use.

Like glass wool, mineral wool insulation is a fibre-based insulator. While both types of insulators have similar properties, mineral wool insulation is usually denser and stiffer, making them more durable. In addition to this, mineral wool insulation is also energy efficient, with sustainable elements that allow it to save you money, and cut back on carbon emissions