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Sedum Roof Trays

Sedum trays are a popular choice for people looking to incorporate more greenery around their homes. As a low-growing and drought-resistant plant, they are an incredibly low-maintenance solution that requires little upkeep.

Our product range features various vegetation types including native wildflowers and eight to sixteen different sedum types; products include sedum modular, GrufeKit sedum and GrufeKit sedum & wildflower combo.

Easy to install, take a look at our sedum trays below and benefit from fast delivery from our UK branches.


Buy Green Roof Sedum Trays

Please ensure you have an approved waterproof system installed prior to the trays being added.

Sedum Roof Trays are the best and easiest way to have a biodiverse green roof. With around eight to sixteen different sedum types, they provide a practical solution to all green roof systems.

They are the perfect option for a complete garden and can be used on buildings including the home & shed roof, as ground covers for landscaping, in elevated garden beds and a lot more.

Browse our range of sedum roofing trays and enjoy a greener lifestyle.


Our range of Grufekit sedum trays includes sedum and sedum & wildflower.

Sedum is the most popular choice out there as it requires no mowing or watering; it consists of 8-12 different types of sedum.
Sedum & wildflower is the ultimate biodiverse option with colours bursting through Spring and Summer; it consists of 8-12 types of sedum & 20-30 types of wildflower.

Technical information:

  • Sedum weight: 65kg per m2
  • Wildflower weight: 75kg per m2
  • Carrier measures: 540 x 540 x 90mm
  • Drainage Surface: 318 cm2/m²
  • Outflow Volume: 40 l/m²

Make sure to check out our compatible trims and edges including Grufekit angled connector, straight connector, Grufeguard and pebbles, as these will make installation as easy as possible.

Mr Green

Mr Green Sedum Trays are grown from seed consisting of 16 types of sedum, allowing for the best quality sedum money can buy. These are available as trays at 46cm x 49.5cm and we also offer it per sq.m so you don’t need to work out how many trays you need.

Make sure to check out our compatible trims and edges including mr green edge and corner trims, as these will make installation as easy as possible.

The tray is made from high-quality, recyclable materials ready to withstand the test of time. They are also resistant to UV light, making them an ideal choice for sunlit areas and come with a UV stabiliser to ensure long-lasting performance.

In addition, they are resistant to chemical substances and temperature fluctuations, including frost. They are also highly flexible and strong, providing a sturdy base for your sedum plants to grow and thrive.

Please ensure you have an approved waterproof system installed prior to the trays being added, examples would be our EPDM Rubber systems or a GRP / Liquid Roof. You can also check out our green roof kits, drainage boards and other green roofing materials for additional supplies.

What is the difference between a sedum roof and a wildflower roof?

Sedum and wildflower roof trays both share similar characteristics, in that they are aesthetically pleasing and provide several environmental benefits including reduced stormwater runoff and improved air quality.

However, there are some differences that will impact your decision.

As sedum is a succulent plant and drought resistant, there is minimal maintenance after installation, saving you a lot of time and money in the long run. 

Alternatively, whilst wildflower trays require more maintenance including watering and weeding, the wide range of flowers makes up for it as it creates a biodiverse environment where wildlife can thrive.

Ultimately, the biggest difference is aesthetics and maintenance. If you are after an extra splash of colour then a sedum and wildflower tray would be your best option.

Trusted Sedum Supplier

UK Flat Roofing is a trusted supplier of sedum roofing across the UK. We are trusted by customers up and down the country, who benefit from fast nationwide delivery at an affordable price. We have been operating for over 35 years, and with a highly qualified team ready to give expert advice, there's no better supplier you could pick. Find out why we’re a customer-favourite and start your sedum roof construction project on the right foot.





Green roof sedum trays are designed for extensive green roof installations, converting an ordinary roof into a vibrant green roof through very simple installation.

They work by collecting and storing rainwater and subsequently releasing any excess water into the drainage system. As they are succulent plants, they have excellent water retention properties allowing for minimal maintenance even during the summer.

Sedum trays are ideal for creating a green roof system as it requires minimal maintenance and extends the lifespan of your waterproofing system.

You will need to do some winter maintenance in order to keep your sedum trays fresh and healthy.

Preparations include gutter cleaning and maintenance, cleaning your roof efficiently (ensuring no debris is left) and removing any unwanted weeds.

Make sure to check your green roof now and again to ensure that the natural substances are well kept.

Considering your green roof is maintained effectively, sedum trays on your roof can last up to 40 to 50 years, which can outperform alternative green roofing options.

Yes! No matter what type of roof you have, whether it is a pitched or flat roof, you can install a sedum tray.

If you are installing onto a pitched roof, make sure it is fixed in position with retention trims so it does not fall off.

Before installation, please ensure you have an approved waterproof system installed.

The GrufeTile is equipped with a double-action coupling system: the tabs on the side of each part engage the edge in the gaps between tabs of the facing part, making installation easy. If you need assistance, check out our guide on installing a modular green roof.

If you are installing Mr Green sedum trays, the tray simply slots together. For more information please refer to the manufacturer instructions supplied.