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Sedum Trays for Green Roofs

Take a look at our selection of sedum trays and wildflower modular trays for your green roof.

We supply Mr Green trays and GrufeKit tiles available as sedum or wildflower trays. These are modular systems that can be installed onto your green roof. These systems also come with compatible trims and edgings, which are easy to install on your roof, creating a greener alternative for your roof!

Green roofing is becoming increasingly popular, and with our sedum trays, green roofs can be easily installed. Check out our selection below.


Create Greener Roofs with our Sedum Trays

Installing sedum trays can help create greener roofs for any property. 

Incorporating around eight to sixteen different sedum types into individual trays provides a practical solution to green roofs, making them an ideal choice for extensive green roof systems. With sedum trays, your green roof will require minimal maintenance. Please ensure you have an approved waterproof system installed prior to the trays being added, examples would be our EPDM Rubber systems or a GRP / Liquid Roof. . You can also check out our green roof kits, drainage boards and other green roofing materials for additional supplies.



Green roof sedum trays are designed for extensive green roof installations, converting a roof into a lush green roof through simple installation.

Sedum trays are ideal for creating a green roof system as it requires minimal maintenance and extends the lifespan of your waterproofing system.

You will need to do some winter maintenance in order to keep your sedum trays fresh and healthy.

Preparations include gutter cleaning and maintenance, cleaning your roof efficiently (ensuring no debris is left) and removing any unwanted weeds.

Make sure to check your green roof now and again to ensure that the natural substances are well kept.

Considering your green roof is maintained effectively, sedum trays on your roof can last up to 40 to 50 years, which can outperform alternative green roofing options.