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Multifoil & Foil Insulation

Explore our range of multifoil and foil insulation, from brands such as ACTIS, TLX, YBS and Hybris. Multifoil insulation delivers high-quality reflective insulation for any building across the UK. Foil insulation is designed for easy installation, with no irritating fibres like traditional roll insulation.

Check out our options below for low-priced, trade quality foil and multifoil insulation products.


High-Quality Foil Insulation for Any Building

We offer high-grade foil insulation with options to suit any budget and any building. Foil and multifoil insulation is efficient in improving energy utility within your home, making it an excellent choice to insulate your home and save money on heating.

Invest in foil insulation for a multi-use thermal insulation system. We also offer other foil insulation products such as YBS Foil Quilts and TLX Foil Insulation if you want other options!



You should choose foil insulation as it prevents radiant heat loss all year round, making it ideal for saving money on heating year-on-year. In summer, foil insulation can also prevent heat from entering your home by reflecting sunlight, avoiding overly heated rooms. In winter, heat can be reflected back inside a room, keeping it warmer.

No. In fact, foil insulation helps prevent condensation, which is done by blocking warm air from entering a space. Condensation happens when hot and cold air meet, which means particles can no longer hold onto water molecules.

Foil insulation can last up to 50 years, ensuring regular replacements are not necessary.