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Explore our range of ARBOXFLEX PU Liquid below for an easy to install liquid roof. Arboflex Roofing Systems offer a 25-year life expectancy. The liquid’s unique low-odour, single-component polyurethane liquid membrane formulation provides a fast curing, bubble-free finish, which allows your roof to acquire a durable, seamless waterproof system.

With fast and easy installation, weather-resistant properties, and the provision of seamless finishes, ARBOFLEX PU Liquid is ideal to create an effective waterproofing system for your roof.

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Seamless Elastic Membrane Using ARBOFLEX PU.

ARBOFLEX PU liquids provide seamless finishes while also being green roof compatible, expanding their utility across diverse ranges of roof applications. The material properties of ARBOFLEX PU allow it to become airtight and waterproof on a range of substrates.





Yes. Due to ARBOFLEX PU liquid’s weather-resistant and easy-to-use properties, ARBOFLEX products are very safe to use when applied correctly.

Yes! ARBOFLEX PU can be used on new or existing roofs.

In addition to this, they can also be used in walkways, balconies, and gutters, ready to use straight out of the tin.