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SkyGuard Shed Kits

The SkyGuard EPDM shed kit is a great alternative to traditional felt for your roofing system. This product provides the perfect solution for a replacement shed roof, designed with commercial or DIY roofers and homeowners in mind. SkyGuard EPDM shed kits are quick and easy to install making them ideal for both DIY and commercial roofers. They will protect your shed or cabin for its entire lifespan of over 50 years. 

These kits are available in a range of sizes to suit all shed roofs and come with all the essential materials to complete the job. This includes the EPDM, water-based adhesive, bonding mastic, mini roller and simple instructions. These are specially designed to be supplied with enough adhesive to cover your whole roof with no wastage.
Once fitted the SkyGuard system is maintenance-free.



What Else Can SkyGuard EPDM Shed Kits Be Applied To? 

Apart from shed roofs, the SkyGuard EPDM Shed Kits can be applied to other roofing systems such as green roofs and flat roofs. The versatility of SkyGuard EPDM shed kits allows it to be applicable to many different roofing systems, which allows it to be a cost-effective and optimal solution for those without experience in roofing.

Are There Any Other Materials We Need Before Using The Kit? 

A strong adhesive is highly recommended before applying the kit to the roof of your home. Luckily, UK Flat Roofing provides an adhesive within our SkyGuard EPDM shed kits! 

Before applying anything from the kit, you must let the wood of your roof dry as fully as possible. You can then use the adhesive that comes in the pack. 

Why Choose Our SkyGuard EPDM Shed Kits?

Other than the fantastic benefits that our SkyGuard EPDM shed kits provide for all homeowners and commercial roofers, we also provide additional benefits when shopping at UK Flat Roofing. Benefits of choosing our SkyGuard EPDM Shed Kits include: 

  • Same day dispatch (if ordered before 12pm)
  • Variety of different sizes 
  • Affordable kits