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Insulation Fixings & Screws

Explore our diverse range of fixing elements for fixing insulation boards around your home or property!

Installing Flat Roof Insulation requires the correct fixings and screws for a reliable application. At UK Flat Roofing, we supply an entire range of insulation fixings and screws to secure your home’s flat roof insulation. We carry a variety of sizes to cover all insulation thicknesses with same day dispatch. If you are in need of high-grade screws and fixings for your insulation (whether that may be fixing plates or warm-deck insulation fixings), UK Flat Roofing has the right supply for all types of flat roofs nationwide. Check out our range below.


Installing Insulation Boards With Our Fixings & Screws?

To install your insulation it is essential you use a compatible fixing. Here we have a variety of fixings and screws which are suitable for use on a range of decks. Tube fixings are ideal as they reduce thermal bridging along the fixings which is known to cause damp issues.

The fixings can be filtered within the site easily by deck type and/or insulation/roof buildup thickness to make selecting your compatible fixings easy.

Please see the image below for an idea of what the Insulation / Build up Thickness should be.

For example: If you have 120mm insulation on top of / an 18mm timber or 0.7 - 1.2mm steel deck with nothing else above, 120mm will be the thickness you need. If however, you have 120mm insulation on top of an 18mm timber or 0.7 - 1.2mm steel deck with an 18mm upper timber deck you have a build-up of 138mm - please round up and use the 140mm thickness filter.

If you have any questions regard which fixing to use then please contact our customer service team by phone, email or chat.





You can not glue the insulation to plywood. However, you can glue it to a fully prepared deck. A fully prepared deck requires a vapour barrier such as ALUTRIX or ELOTENE to be installed onto a clean deck with their compatible primer. When glueing you must only use tissue-faced boards such as Kingspan TR27 or TT47 or RECTICEL Powerdeck F. You cannot use foil-backed insulation when glueing.

You can install insulation on your flat roof for effective heat retention. The type of insulation your flat roof will need can depend, but we have a variety of insulations to choose from, including Kingspan TR24, TR26, TR27 aswell as RECTICEL Eurodeck and Powerdeck F and Rockwool Hardrock.

Contact us if you require advice or any additional information on what insulation your flat roof needs.