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Insulation Fixings

To install your insulation it is essential you use a compatible fixing. Here we have a variety of fixings and screws which are suitable for use on a range of decks.

Tube fixings are ideal as they reduce thermal bridging along the fixings which is known to cause damp issues.

The fixings can be filtered easily by deck type or insulation / roof buildup thickness to make selecting your compatible fixings easy.

Please see image below for idea of what Insulation / Build up Thickness should be.

For example: If you have 120mm insulation into a timber or steel deck with nothing else 120mm will be the thickness. If however you have 120mm insulation into a timber or steel deck with an 18mm upper timber deck you have a build up of 138mm - please use the 140mm filter.

If you have any questions regard which fixing to use then please contact our customer service team by phone, email or chat.