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PROGRP is a cold applied system ideal for roofs with complex detailing. It is very durable and impact resistant so can be used in where foot traffic is required and non-slip walkways can be incorporated.

Application is done in stages with the following products:

  • PROGRP Acetone - Used for cleaning and preparing the surface area
  • PROGRP Resin - Used in conjuction with the glass fibre mat and hardener
  • PROGRP Hardener - Used as a Catalyst for the Resin
  • PROGRP Matting - Available in 400 gsm for light foot traffic or 600gsm for heavy duty roofs
  • PROGRP Top Coat - Mixed with the catalayst as the final layer that is UV stable and has a proffesional grey finish.



Insulation allows the flow of air and heat inside a home. If a house is properly insulated, houses will be able to retain warmth and thus keep away from the cold.

Insulation also has benefits during the summer as it has fantastic thermal properties which prevents warm air from outside from entering the property and keeps the cool air from escaping.

There are three main types of insulation, foam boards such as PIR, fibreglass and mineral wool.

Roof insulation allows optimal air and heat circulation around your home. Insulation between the joists keeps warmth in your living space below, creating a colder loft. Insulation in the rafters allows you to instead create and keep warmth in the house.

This can be effective for heating costs and energy efficiency as well.

See our range of Loft Roll Here

Yes! Considering the weather in the UK and its seasons, the weather can often be too hot or too cold. Investing in roof insulation can have plenty of benefits and very few risks.

Roof insulation, when installed correctly, can last for 35 - 40 years depending on the status of the roof. It is an effective way to reduce heat loss and therefore reduce heating bills.