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Green Roof Drainage Boards

Check out our wide selection of green roof drainage boards below!

Drainage boards are designed to prevent saturation for green roofs and are lighter alternatives to standard gravel layers. These drainage boards are equipped with a protective fleece which can prevent substrates from being washed out.

With sophisticated designs for water retention (helping provide moisture during dry seasons for green roofs) and made with recycled high-density polyethene, green roof drainage boards are the ideal choice for an eco-friendly roof. Check out our selection today.


Effective Drainage Boards for Intensive & Extensive Green Roofs

Our drainage boards for flat and green roofs are lightweight and multi-directional, making them an effective drainage solution. The multi-directional properties of our drainage boards allow free dispersal of the water to the nearest outlet, ensuring that water does not get clogged easily.

Effective for both intensive and extensive green roofs, these drainage boards can also retain water safely, so your green roof can stay hydrated during warmer seasons. For more green roof products, check out our other selections! We hold efficient green roofing equipment such as sedum and wildflower mattings, substrates, and green roof trays.





Drainage is an important aspect of green roofs as they deal with large volumes of water to properly thrive. Without proper drainage, green roofs may become damaged over time.

Our roof drains for green roofs are measured at a maximum of 60mm thick - Rolls are 920mm x 15.2m (13.98 sq.m),from a minimum of 12mm thick - Rolls are 1.1m x 50m (55 sq.m).

Drainage is beneficial for green roofs as it allows your plants and vegetation to not get waterlogged, with some drainage membranes allowing your roof to accommodate water storage for larger vegetation.