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Fixings for any construction application.

Whether you need flat roofing fasteners, facade anchors or even solar fasteners, you will be sure to find what you need in our extensive EJOT fixings and fasteners range.

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Almost all construction will require fixings and fasteners to secure the materials used. We sell many types of fasteners, screws and anchors to suit a wide range of different construction projects.

Flat Roofing Fasteners

Our flat roofing fasteners are designed with many different applications in mind including timber, concrete and metal decks. They are also available in different materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel and some fasteners are stainless steel with a carbon steel drill point.

Some of our fasteners are used in conjunction with stress plate washers and tubes to secure membranes and insulation in flat roofs.

Our EJOT Opticore range is a self-coring one-step fix for membrane faced composite panels. These fasteners have the advantage of cutting fins which snap free as the fastener ‘pulls up’ meaning the panel lining is not damaged. These are available in carbon steel and stainless steel combinations.

Stress Plates & Washers

The EJOT range of stress plates and washers are used to secure insulation and flat roofing membranes to the deck.

Some of our stress plates are used to reduce thermal bridging between products which is important in preventing damp problems.

Our EJOT washers are commonly used to load spread when fixing a flat roof membrane. Products such as the EJOT X-Plate can even be used for accurate fixing positioning and faster installation.

Insulation Support Anchors & Washers

Our EJOT insulation support anchors and washers are designed with rainscreen and facade systems in mind. They comply and perform to the rainscreen insulation standards and meet perimeter and stainless steel centre-fix requirements.

These EJOT insulation support anchors are available in stainless steel and carbon steel and can be used in conjunction with rigid board and mineral wool insulation.

Facade Anchors

Our range of EJOT facade anchors are manufactured to secure a support structure to the substrate behind.

These facade anchors are suitable for aluminium or steel support sections and aluminium or stainless steel helping hand bracket systems.

The facade anchors we sell are designed to be fixed into solid brick, concrete and a variety of other masonry substrates.

Self Drilling Fasteners

Our selection of EJOT self drilling fasteners are manufactured for use in roofing and cladding applications. Many of these feature an 8mm hex head with flange for the best performance in pullover resistance.

They are available in a variety of materials such as carbon steel, bi-metal and fully stainless steel and are either zinc plated or have an organic corrosion resistant finish.

The vast EJOT self drilling fastener range has an easy identification system between materials so you can find what fastener you need with ease.

Carbon Steel Fastener Identification Codes:

  • SF - Secondary fastener stitching made of a thin gauge material
  • JF2 - EJOfast carbon steel self drilling/piercing fastener
  • SFMS - Secondary fastener mega stitcher made of a thin gauge material with a larger diameter
  • HS - Heavy section self drilling fastener for 4.0 - 12.0mm steel
  • JT2 - Carbon steel self drilling fastener
  • TS - Timber screw for fixing light gauge metal to timber
  • LSCF - Light section clip fix steel self drilling fastener for 1.2 - 3.0mm steel
  • HSCF - Heavy section clip fix self drilling fastener for 4.0 - 12.2mm steel
  • TBF - Timber batten fastener for fixing timber or sheathing board to 0.9 - 3.0mm steel
  • WDLS - Wing driller light section steel self drilling fastener for fixing timber to 1.5 - 3.0mm steel
  • WDHS - Wing driller heavy section steel self drilling fastener for fixing timber to 4.0 - 10.0mm steel

One of the most commonly used screws from this selection is the EJOT JT2 self drilling fastener which is made from carbon steel with a case hardened zinc plated finish for corrosion resistance. These are a fantastic cost effective solution for fastening steel components in unweathered areas. The largest JT2 self drilling screw has an 18mm maximum drilling capacity.

Bi-metallic Fastener Identification Codes:

  • Bi-metallic - A fastener made up of a stainless steel head and main threaded section with a hardened carbon steel drill point and lead-in threads
  • JT3 - A2 grade stainless steel bi-metallic self drilling fastener
  • JF3 - EJOFAST A2 stainless steel bi-metallic self drilling/piercing fastener
  • RLS - Roof light stitcher
  • JT6 - A4 grade stainless steel bi-metallic self drilling fastener
  • JF6 - EJOFAST A4 grade stainless steel bi-metallic self drilling/piercing fastener

One of the primary fixings from this range is the EJOT JT3 and JT6 self drilling fasteners which are made of stainless steel with a hardened carbon steel drill point. This hardened drill point means the fastener can efficiently drill into mild steel components whilst the lead threads allow for precision tapping. The JT3 and JT6 self drilling screws are an economic solution for fastenings in steel or aluminium applications in weathered areas. They have a maximum drilling capacity of 18mm.

Stainless Steel Fastener Identification Codes:

  • JT4 - A2 grade stainless steel self drilling fastener
  • JT9 - A4 grade stainless steel self drilling fastener

The EJOT JT4 and JT9 self drilling screws are manufactured from austenitic stainless steel. The JT4 is made from a 304 A2 grade stainless steel and the JT9 is a 316 A4 grade stainless steel material. These fixings are commonly used in aluminium rear-ventilated facade applications. They can create sliding and fixed points on the substructures of a rear-ventilated facade. They have a maximum drilling capacity of 6mm.

Colorfast Nylon Head Fasteners

The EJOT Colorfast fasteners are self drilling fasteners incorporated with a high impact resistant EJOT coloured nylon head.

The Colorfast nylon head self drilling fasteners are designed for fixing profiled metal roofing and cladding sheets with the added benefit of colour matching. Although the Colorfast fixings are most commonly used with steel components some of the range can be used to fix composite panels, rooflights and timber materials.

Our range of EJOT Colorfast self drilling fasteners are available as carbon steel screws with an organic corrosion resistant finish, fully stainless steel or as bi-metallic stainless steel.

Self Tapping Fasteners

The EJOT self tapping fasteners are manufactured from high grade stainless steel which is highly corrosion resistant. They are zinc plated with a wax coating for a smooth and easy installation with reduced swarf on pre-drilled holes.

Manufactured from highly corrosion resistant 1.4529 austenitic stainless steel, the EJOT JZ1 and JA1 self tapping fasteners are unrivalled for their use in chlorine environments and other highly corrosive areas.

The EJOT self tapping screws are designed for a range of applications such as fixing aluminium, brackets, cladding panels, rooflights and steel to steel or timber substructures.

Concrete Screws

The high performance EJOT concrete screws are a safe and reliable solution for fixing brackets, steel, steel sections and timber components to aerated concrete, concrete and solid brick substructures.

Our range of EJOT concrete fixings are available in carbon steel and stainless steel variants.

The JC2 self tapping concrete screws are manufactured from carbon steel with the option of a zinc or zinc alloy coating and can be used in applications such as facade scaffolding, handrails, warehouse racking and much more.

The JC6-KB is an A4 grade austenitic stainless steel screw with hardened carbon steel lead threads that have a gold mark highlighting the bi-metallic section.

ETICS Anchors

ETICS is an abbreviation of External Thermal Insulation Composite System which more simply means a layer of insulation that insulates external surfaces.

Our selection of EJOT ETICS anchors are suitable for a range of applications including securing ceiling and acoustic boards, retrofitting to ETICS facades, mounting elements for unplanned fitting and washers for fastening mineral wool boards.

We also supply the EJOT Power-Bloc which is an EPS foam cuboid that can be used in many applications with minimal thermal bridging.

Solar Fasteners

We have a selection of EJOT solar fasteners that can be used primarily with steel and wooden substructures. The EJOT solar fasteners can also be used in sinusoidal and trapezoidal roof types.

Our range of S-5 solar mounting products include fasteners, brackets and clamps that can be used on standing seam metal roofs. Some of the S-5 solar fasteners range can also be used with aluminium, copper, insulated panel, profiled sheet and zinc substrates.

Storm Washers

The EJOT Storm washers are manufactured to seal against the crown of sinusoidal or trapezoidal profiles to ensure a watertight seal once compressed. Most of the washers can be bent to suit most corrugated profiles.

All of the EJOT Storm washers have a 7mm hole which should be secured with a combination of a fastener and 15mm or 16mm bonded washer. The Storm washers are manufactured as a blank aluminium finish, however a colour match powder coating can be applied if required.

Scaffolding Anchors

Our selection of EJOT scaffolding anchors are a great solution for securing your scaffolding whether it be a timber or steel substructure.

The EJOT self tapping scaffold fixings we supply are made from austenitic stainless steel. They are designed to be universal anchors, however the JZ3 is commonly used with steel substructures whilst the JA3 is mostly used with timber substructures.

Some of these scaffolding fixings can be used in conjunction with the EJOT GU threaded sleeve and EJOT GU/GT eye bolt.


We have a selection of high performance breakstem rivets which are manufactured for use in both internal and external applications across the construction industry and in a variety of exposures.

The EJOT rivets we supply are primarily for use in aluminium or steel sections, however the EJOT V/V rivet is designed for use in steel cladding sheets of a firewall application. We also supply the EJOT AL-V coloured rivet which can be colour match powder coated.

Fixings Accessories

We have a vast range of high quality EJOT accessories that have been manufactured specifically for use wi