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Benefits of a Green Roof Trays

Benefits of a Green Roof Trays

6 Dec 2021

Our green roof trays come in 3 different types
Sedum and wildflower
Brown wildflower

The sedum trays are the most popular choice as they are low maintenance and offer colours all year round. Greens and browns in autumn and winter and vibrant yellows, white and pinks in summer.

The sedum and wildflower trays require slightly more maintenance than the pure sedum trays but offer the additional colour from mixed wildflowers that flower in spring and summer.

The third option is a brown wildflower system that replicates brown sites (wild meadows that are left to self seed). These are the most bio diverse type of green roof as they allow grass and wildflowers that would occur naturally to thrive.

The benefits of a green roof tray are:
Quick installation
Easy access to membrane for repairs and maintenance
Instant colour to your roof
Simple to handle on site

These benefits are on top of the benefits of having a green roof. These benefits include – helps the waterproofing membrane last longer, reduced water run off helping towards SuDS, improved thermal and sound proofing.