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Insulated Plasterboards

Browse through our selection of insulated plasterboards. We supply a full range of insulated plasterboards that are provided by reliable manufacturers, including Xtratherm, Ecotherm and Kingspan Kooltherm. 

These are designed to increase thermal performance and reduce condensation while simultaneously saving space for your walls. Whether you’re looking for standard, insulated plasterboards or Kooltherm boards, we have the right selection for you. Need help choosing what the right product is for your home? Contact us via email or phone to get in touch with our helpful customer support team. 




Insulated plasterboards are a great option for supporting improved insulation in your home, ensuring your home is properly insulated while at the same time improving energy consumption by retaining heat effectively throughout your home. 

If you’re looking to apply an insulation system within your home that’s both cost-effective and energy-efficient (and if you’re doing it yourself, easy to install),then insulated plasterboards should be on your shopping list. 

Insulated plasterboards should commonly be at least 30mm thick, and can go up to 100mm in thickness. At UK Flat Roofing, we offer boards between 32.5mm to 98.5mm in thickness, so you have a variety of options to choose from when deciding what type of insulation plasterboard should be fitted in your home or construction project. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we’ll advise you as best as we can as roofing experts. 

Applying and fitting insulated plasterboard on a ceiling is possible, as long as you acquire the right fixings that fit into the timber ceiling joists of your ceiling. Before fitting insulated plasterboards on your ceiling, ensure you check the exact thickness and layers of your existing ceiling, as it may already have multiple layers applied to it. 

Insulated plasterboards are common building materials that consist of a sheet of standard plasterboard (or gypsum board),and a sheet of insulating material that are infused together into one single sheet.

There are also different types of insulated plasterboards which are standard insulated plasterboards, tapered edge plasterboards and moisture resistant insulated plasterboards.

The reason many homeowners, construction workers and housebuilders use (or suggests using) insulated plasterboards is because the variety of benefits that come in using insulated plasterboards beats other alternatives for other insulating materials within your walls. 

Insulated plasterboards can be implemented with nails, screws or even strong adhesives that allow it to be an easier option for some DIY tasks, thus making it a popular choice for homeowners who want to apply these boards within their interior walls. 

Cost-effectiveness is also a common reason why insulated plasterboards are frequently used, as the materials within these products are usually cheap to produce. 

Other smaller but equally impactful benefits include heat retention, energy efficiency, chemical-free and environmentally friendly materials.

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