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Kingspan TP10

Browse our high-quality selection of Kingspan TP10 PIR boards below.

Kingspan TP10 is a multipurpose PIR board that can be used in floors, walls and pitched roofs. This highly efficient pitched roof insulation board is used for new build and retrofit projects. This board is commonly used as an insulation product, being one of the most thermally efficient insulation boards across Kingspan’s selection. Check out our list of TP10 boards below!


TP10: High-Performance Pitched Roof Insulation Board

What makes TP10 one of the most high-performanced pitched roof insulation products is its ability to help save on additional costs for maintenance.

Kingspan TP10 reduces heat loss within your pitched or flat roof, and is not susceptible to sagging overtime. This means that you can save money on energy bills, as well as maintenance costs for any moisture problem that could present itself in your roof.

We have a wide range of insulation boards available, including our PIR Multipurpose Boards, and products from Kooltherm. Check out some of our selections today!





Both TP10 and TF70 are insulation boards by Kingspan. They are the exact same board but are certified under separate names. TP10 is also the same as TW55. TP10 is the name for the roof board, TF70 is the floorboard and TW55 is the board for walls.

TP10 insulation boards have a Euroclass rating of F, which is considered the worst rating in terms of combustibility. However, it’s important to note that poor Euroclass ratings does not mean the material is unsuitable for home use. conjunction with Kingspan PIR insulation products is ideal.

The rating simply means it will not stop the spread of fire, so using fire-resistant materials in conjunction with Kingspan PIR insulation products is ideal.

Yes! Kingspan TP10 is highly suitable for cold flat roofs and pitched roofs as insulation.