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Benefits of Liquid Roofing

What is liquid applied roofing?

Liquid roofing is the application of a fully bonded, liquid-based coating that can be applied to any roof style. The coating then cures to create a rubber-like elastomeric waterproof membrane. This membrane is flexible so it can stretch and return to its original shape, making the system very popular for roofers.

The benefits of liquid based roofing

  • Cost-effective
  • Safe installation
  • Easy application
  • Longevity
  • Waterproof


Liquid waterproofing products offer a very cost-effective way to provide new or already existing roofs with waterproofing. The estimated cost for a liquid roof membrane is around 60% - 70% less expensive when compared to other roof replacements or repairs. The costs however do vary depending on the type of liquid roof coating you are looking to install on your roof.

Liquid waterproofing is extremely safe to install for both the DIYer and professional roofer. This is due to its simple application and not needing the use of many tools as its cold applied. So no need for any heating equipment, this makes the installation of a liquid roof come with no fire risks that can result in the chance of burn-related injuries and fire damage to the property.

The application process to install a liquid roof is very straightforward and requires very few tools meaning it's great for the DIYer and for contractors alike. The system can be applied over the top of any already installed substrate such as felt, metal and cement. The systems also have a fast curing time of 2 - 8 hours, some products are even faster! This means you won't have to wait as long between coats making it ideal if the weather is not on your side.

Most liquid roofing systems have an expected lifespan of over 20 years but this is dependent on other factors.

Arboflex PU is a system that comes with a 25-year life expectancy which is longer than many other systems on the market, making this a great alternative if you are looking for something with more longevity. This system comes with easy and safe installation and weather-resistant properties and still gives that seamless finish; it's a great system to waterproof your roof.

There are currently other systems on the market such as liquid rubber which are expected to last 20 years. These are different to the liquid roofing systems we supply. We do however offer EPDM rubber sheets and rolls which boast a 50 year lifespan and have many benefits which can be seen here.

Yes! All liquid roofing systems are completely waterproof and can be applied over any already installed roofs. It's also ideal if your roof has a leak as it's a great cost-effective method of repairing it. Since the system can be applied over many substrates it means you don't have to worry about having to pull up the entire roof and start again.