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Vapour Barriers

UK Flat Roofing supplies a variety of vapour barrier solutions guaranteed to protect the longevity of your building. Used to prevent moisture from entering your construction project, they are vapour resistant and create an air and water-tight seal preventing dampness and mould from spreading throughout the building.

Our product range features ALUTRIX and ELOTENE, two of the most reputable & trusted manufacturers for vapour prevention. We guarantee moisture protection whether it’s a large or small-scale renovation, a new build or simply a DIY installation.

Browse our vapour barrier range below and benefit from fast delivery from our UK branches.


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Vapour barriers are a popular choice for moisture prevention and are used in millions of construction projects across the UK because of this. They are ideal for preventing moisture from entering the home, acting perfectly alongside insulation material for walls, ceiling structures, and floors.

Browse our range of vapour barriers and prevent long-term damage that will compromise the integrity of your building's structure.

ELOTENE Vapour Barrier

ELOTENE vapour barrier is an effective solution for managing moisture in a building. With a thickness of 0.6mm, available as roll format in widths of 1.08m, and lengths of 10m, 20m, 30m, and 40m, it can form a total vapour barrier for reliable moisture protection.

The product is cold-applied, eliminating the need for heat during installation, and making it a safer option. It is waterproof and self-adhesive, with excellent puncture resistance, high tear resistance and tensile strength. It is also self-sealing, ensuring a continuous barrier to prevent moisture from seeping through.

ELOTENE vapour barrier is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an easy-to-install, reliable and effective moisture management solution in building construction.

Depending on the surface you are installing the barrier onto, you may also need to use a primer. ELOTENE primer is rapid drying and designed for use on concrete and various porous substrates to aid with initial and long-term adhesion.


ALUTRIX 600 is made from reinforced aluminium composite, making it a great solution as a vapour barrier. The cold self-adhesive application makes it a safe and easy option, and it forms an air and vapour-tight layer protecting it from any and all moisture.

It is available in roll format, measuring 1.08m wide, 10m-40m long, and 0.6mm thick, weighing approximately 700g/m2, and can be used for a variety of flat roofing applications including; EPDM Rubber, GRP Fibreglass, felt, asphalt, liquid waterproofing systems, profiled metal sheeting, standing seam systems and more.

ALUTRIX is resistant to ageing, chemicals, punctures, and tears and can even be walked on, making it a great choice for both trained professionals and home DIYers. ALUTRIX 600 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a durable and reliable solution that will last for years to come.

Benefits of Vapour Barrier Membranes

  1. Moisture control and prevention: Controls moisture buildup and condensation within the building envelope, maintaining a dry and healthy indoor environment, and preventing short & long-term damage to the building structure.
  2. Energy efficiency: By preventing moisture buildup in the insulation, it maintains the thermal performance of the building envelope and reduces the need for heating and cooling.
  3. Enhanced durability: By avoiding common moisture issues such as corrosion, mould & rot, the building structure will last longer.
  4. Improved indoor air quality: A vapour barrier can help to maintain a healthy indoor environment by preventing moisture buildup and the growth of mould and other microorganisms that can contribute to poor indoor air quality.
  5. Easy Installation: Depending on the application, they can be very easy to install, whether you're a seasoned professional or a home DIYer.

What is a VCL?

The term VCL stands for vapour control layer, which is similar to a vapour barrier in that they manage the passage of moisture through building materials. However, they are different.

Vapour barriers are created to completely obstruct moisture, while VCLs are designed to moderate the amount of moisture that passes through. This is necessary to prevent problems like mould growth and condensation caused by excessive moisture.

Vapour barriers consist of materials with low permeability to water vapour, like polyethylene or foil. In contrast, VCLs use materials that permit some moisture to pass through, such as membranes or special coatings applied to building materials.

Both vapour barriers and VCLs are capable of enhancing the energy efficiency of your home, similar to green roofing systems that use natural materials to improve the efficiency of your home.

Trusted Supplier of Vapour Barriers & Insulation

UK Flat Roofing is a trusted supplier of vapour barrier solutions across the United Kingdom. We have nationwide delivery, so no matter where you live, you can buy high-quality roofing materials at an affordable price. We have been operating for over 35 years and have a highly qualified team on hand to provide advice on VCL installation to make sure your next roofing project is a success. Find out why we’re a customer-favourite today!





Vapour barriers are used to prevent the movement of water vapour into your flat roofs. Vapour barriers do this by preventing moisture from entering your roof's insulation, they are commonly found on the internal / warm side of the roof.

A vapour barrier is always required whenever a home contains a sophisticated insulation system within its walls, such as the insulation installed on your roof. Without one, you run the risk of mould and rot building up within your roof’s structure.

The build-up of mould or rot may ultimately result in expensive repairs or replacement which is why it is so important to ensure a correctly installed vapour barrier is included in a building construction.

Vapour control layers reduce water vapour from entering the inside of your home’s structure, whereas breather membranes keep water from getting into the roof’s structure from the outside, but allow any water vapour contained within the walls to escape.