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Green Roofing

Take a look at our Green Roofing supplies and systems. UK Flat Roofing’s Green Roofing supplies are an excellent choice for implementing eco-friendly, sustainable roofing.

Green Roofing is a great addition to any building and has more benefits than we could list, but here are a few:

  • Environmentally friendly - promotes Biodiversity and creates habitats for wildlife
  • Increases waterproofing life - It protects the system below from punctures and UV
  • Reduces energy use and sound transferring - Acts as an extra insulation layer
  • Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems/S.U.D.S - stormwater retention makes green roofing more eco friendly.

Our high-quality range includes every essential item for Green Roofing installation including Drainage layers, Substrate, Vegetation layers and Trims & Edging.

These can be ordered as a kitfor both flat and pitched roofing or as individual products depending on your requirements.


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Why Choose UK Flat Roofing’s Green Roof Supplies?

Each green roof provided by our company brings back an element of nature for each building, creating a biodiverse place for wildlife to flourish and creating an aesthetically pleasing roof for people to enjoy.

We understand that quality is what our customers want for their Green roofs so we ensure that each of our products for Green roofs is of the highest quality. From our protection fleece to our sedum trays, UK Flat Roofing delivers the optimal Green Roof Supplies that are most suitable for your roofing needs.

Interested? Why not take a look at our Green Roofing kits to get you started?



A green roof system is a type of roof that property owners choose to install due to its sustainable and eco-friendly properties. In addition to the environmental benefits of green roofs, the appearance also serves as a practical advantage for these types of roofs, bringing in a natural aesthetic for buildings.

Yes! A green roof is part of climate-proof construction, which is an initiative to create construction buildings with the intent to help the environment - or at least make it less harmful for the environment.

Green roofs are made for the same purpose as what a roof might do for a particular building, but with a few additions to make the green roof more beneficial.

Green roofs protect the actual roof membrane from environmental hazards such as harsh weather, UV radiation, and other hazards. As well as this, a green roof also provides other features such as air purification, indoor temperature regulation, and rainwater buffer.

Similar to a lot of roofing systems, green roofs last to an average of 45 years. The lifespan provides an advantage over several different alternative roofing options.

Yes. Drainage is one of the most important aspects of green roofs as the roofs strongly require volumes of water to thrive, but will also need to drain them effectively so as to not damage the structure of the green roofs.