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Composite Decking & Fencing Boards

Come browse our wide selection of composite decking and fencing boards below.

These composite decking and fencing ranges are available in a diverse range of styles and designs. Composite decking is an effective alternative to wood deckings, which can last longer and provide low-maintenance surfaces for your garden, while composite fencing boards are ideal for gates and fences, providing the same benefits as artificial decking boards.

Take a look at our selection below.


Add A Touch of Class To Your Roofs With Our Decking & Fencing Products

Composite decking and fencing products are affordable and durable alternatives to traditional means. Due to this, its rise in popularity has become transparent with commercial and residential roofers throughout the UK!

Our selection retains the beautiful appearance of wooden decking boards, with lower maintenance and applicable features for your floors and gardens.

Enjoy our wide selection of composite decking and fencing products here for varied styles, designs and colours!

At UK Flat Roofing, we supply a host of flat roof products ranging from EPDM (with brands such as RESITRIX and HERTALAN EPDM!) to green roofing materials (such as trays and sedum mattings). Both work well with creating your perfect roof garden.





Composite decking is known to be slightly more expensive than wood. However, the price comes with higher-quality materials used, minimal maintenance, choice of styles and colours, recycled materials and most importantly a longer life span.

Compared to wooden decking, older generations of composite decking can be slippery when wet. However, there are lots of methods to prevent slippery deckings, such as applying the anti-slip tape, nonslip paint or anti-slip coatings.

Our Dueto Woodgrain Decking has already got anti-slip properties.

Very! A few advantageous features that composite fencing can provide for properties are their longevity (20-year minimum guarantee),weatherproof properties and minimal maintenance.

Composite fencing is one of the most popular fencing materials you can use and will continue its popularity as industries continue to develop composite fencing products.