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Sedum Matting for Roofs

Browse through our reliable selection of sedum and wildflower matting for green roofs here.

Our supply of fully established green matting adds instant colour to your living roof, offering a large array of colours while improving biodiversity through organic mattings.

Our sedum mats are sewn with up to 16 varieties of sedums in a strong felt from recycled British textiles. All of our mattings require low maintenance, with only light hand weeding needed to ensure our products work efficiently.

Sedum diversity offers a longer flowering season than comparable systems. Check out our selection below!


High-Grade Sedum & Wildflower Mattings for Green Roofs!

Our sedum and wildflower mats are perfect for all green roofs. These matting products are incredibly self-sufficient, meaning that they are low maintenance when it comes to green roofs.

Sedum and wildflower mattings are frost-hardy, drought-tolerant and only require one feed per year to work effectively.

Looking to create a self-sufficient, sustainable roof? Check out our other varied green roof accessories. This includes green roof trays, drainage boards and our trims and edgings!





Sedum matting is a drought-tolerant vegetation product for green roofs, providing biodiversity while simultaneously delivering insulation, improving air quality in urban landscapes, and increasing habitat creation.

Sedum mats can be installed on green roofs to provide the benefits listed above - better air quality, biodiversity, increased habitat life and effective insulation using a greener alternative.

Wildflower mattings contain a mixture of wildflowers, herbs and flowering perennials that are grown on a plastic-free and biodegradable felt, creating an attractive and instant wildflower area for your roof. These can also be sewn without grasses if required.

Yes! Wildflower mats effectively suppress weeds which encourages planted seeds to grow. These are ideal for green roofs to increase natural wildlife and biodiversity.