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Flat Roof Insulation Boards

Our range of high and optimal flat roof insulation boards are suitable for a wide range of utility for flat roofs. With insulation board systems ranging from Kingspan TR26 to Rockwool Hardrock, our selection and expertise can provide the best solution for flat roof insulation. 

All of our flat roof insulation boards are leading brands in the market, are high performing and have fantastic fire ratings.

Here we have our range of flat roof insulation boards which include the following:

  • Kingspan TR26 -  This insulation board has a composite foil facing on both sides, and is compatible with mechanical fixed single-ply membranes and most green roof systems
  • Kingspan TR27 - This product has a glass tissue facing on both sides and is compatible with non-bituminous fully bonded membranes. Can be fully adhered to and mechanically fixed
  • Rockwool Hardrock - A variety of options that are compatible with most roof applications and has an excellent fire rating.
  • Kingspan TR24 -  Compatible with partially bonded torch applied multi-layer bituminous waterproofing. 


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Flat Roof Insulation Boards FAQs

Why Buy Our Insulation Boards for Flat Roofs?
Our flat roof insulation boards are equipped with fantastic fire rates, efficient performance and high-quality materials used in production. In addition to this, our products and services are provided by experts with professional experience within the roofing and construction industry, therefore any help and consultation provided by UK Flat Roofing will be authorized. 

Which Insulation is Best for Flat Roofs? 
Flat roof insulation allows interiors of any home to feel warmer during the winter, and cooler during the summer. That being said, foam works particularly well as insulation for flat roofs and can be often found in modern constructions. 

How should you insulate a flat roof?
Now that we have established that foam is the most optimal type of insulation for a flat roof, methodically applying this material onto your flat roof as insulation can be the difference between good and bad insulation for your home. 

Simply spray a layer of your chosen insulation foam on the top of the roof sheathing, followed by another spray of a thicker layer of your insulation foam on the underside of the roof sheathing. 

How thick should flat roof insulation be? 
For any flats or homes that are uninsulated, you should aim to insulate your flat roofs with insulation boards totalling around 150mm thickness.