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EPDM Rubber Roofing

As one of the UK’s leading roofing suppliers, we sell the best EPDM rubber roofing supplies on the market.

Designed to be durable and flexible, EPDM is incredibly resistant to extreme weather conditions including heavy rain & snow and is used on a variety of waterproofing applications such as flat roofs, sheds, gutters, façades, and as a damp-proof course.

With easy-to-use installation kits for the DIY-er and professional roofer, you can get everything you need to complete your upcoming flat roofing project.

Browse our wide range of EPDM membranes and other roofing products below.



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Rubber EPDM Roofing Systems

We sell a wide range of flat roof systems including  ClassicBond, RESITRIX, HERTALAN, SkyGuard and Cladseal.

Rubber roofing is a versatile material for any roofing project and can be supplied in custom-cut sheets, standard-sized sheets or as rolls depending on the application. It can be installed on any roof due to its flexibility which allows it to conform to the shape of the roof, creating a seamless and watertight surface in the process.

EPDM systems can be chosen to suit your roof deck in a variety of ways including how they are adhered with options for self-adhesive, water-based adhesive or contact adhesive. It is a very reliable system with a life expectancy of over 50 years and is also eco-friendly as it can be recycled.

Please ensure you use compatible accessories and adhesives for each system. These are easily found within each system’s category or within the EPDM accessories tab and then you can choose the relevant system.

Please feel free to contact our friendly sales team for any advice.

Benefits of EPDM Rubber Roofing


EPDM rubber is made from a synthetic rubber material composed of ethylene and propylene, making it one of the most flexible roofing solutions out there.

The material will stretch and move with temperature changes, preventing cracks and deterioration. Along with this, added strength allows it to conform to the shape of the roof, creating a seamless and watertight surface.

Handles extreme temperatures with ease

The reinforced synthetic material also makes it one of the most durable roofing solutions available. Designed to handle every element; it will stay secure during heavy rainfall, snow and winds, as well as stay protected against UV radiation.

Environmentally friendly

EPDM Rubber is made from synthetic rubber materials without the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides during production. It is also 100% recyclable, so it can be reused at the end of its lifespan.

Easy to install

Many of our rubber roofing membranes, such as ClassicBond, are single-piece sheets, trimmed to the size of your roof, allowing for easy installation no matter the roofing project. These can then be given a professional finish using the correct sure edge drip and kerb edge trims as well as our metal wall trims.

Along with our easy-to-install membranes, we sell a variety of flat roof kits and EPDM accessories guaranteed to make your life easier. And for added peace of mind, We have everything you’ll need during installation including: roofing tools, heat guns, drain outlets, edge trims, fixings & kerbs.

Trusted Supplier

UK Flat Roofing is a trusted supplier of EPDM rubber supplies operating across the UK. With nationwide delivery, you can buy high-quality roofing materials no matter where you live. We have been in operation for over 35 years and have a highly experienced team ready to help you with your next roofing project. Find out why we’re a customer-favourite today!



EPDM is an acronym for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer and is a rubber roofing component that is a durable and long-lasting aspect of roofing.

EPDM is used mostly for waterproofing purposes.

Due to its durability, EPDM rubber can last up to 50 years. The rubber used for the membrane can handle the sun’s UV or ultraviolet rays, which is another factor that allows the component to be long-lasting.

If installed appropriately, rubber roofs can stay in good condition for up to 50 years.

EPDM has a variety of features that make it an optimal choice for roofing, due to its waterproof properties and durable features. There are a variety of reasons why EPDM is chosen by buyers; its cost-effectiveness, easy maintenance and installation, fewer seams and durability are the main reasons they are chosen.

TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) is used for single-ply roofing, commonly used in engineering applications such as tunnels, lakes and pond liners

EPDM rubber is used for roofing and a wide range of applications due to its waterproof features.

Yes! One of the many beneficial applications of EPDM rubber is its waterproof features. This particular element within the roofing component allows it to become resistant to harsh weather conditions.

Yes! The roofing material is made from synthetic materials and does not require the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides during production. It is also 100% recyclable, so it can be reused at the end of its life span.

EPDM rubber will work on a variety of roofs, regardless of shape or size. Whether it is going on a flat roof or sloped roof, it will conform with ease and create a watertight seal. Roofs it will work on include (and are not limited to):

  • Flat roofs
  • Green roofs
  • Felt roof replacements
  • Garage roofs
  • Low-pitch roofs
  • Shed roofs