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Gutter Kits

Browse through our selection of gutter kits below! Ranging from known brands such as HERTALAN and RESITRIX.

We’ve created a wide range of roofing and gutter kits varying in thickness and size to suit many applications. All of our gutter kits are reliable, durable and accessible to various roofers across the UK. These kits also come with a quick and easy installation guide, only requiring additional tools and trims in combination with our gutter lining kits.

NOTE: These kits are designed to be supplied with the correct amount of membrane to glue in order to avoid wastage.

Check out our selection below. If you require any further help in choosing gutter kits, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team by phone, email or chat.


Ideal Gutter Kits for Multiple Applications

Our gutter lining kits and other products are ideal for a variety of applications, whether you need to line commercial gutters, residential gutters, and more. Our gutter kits are supplied by well-known construction brands such as HERTALAN and RESITRIX. All of our kits are viable, and will only require minimal knowledge to install.



The gutter lining is a safe way of providing waterproof lining to existing gutters and new gutters. Common installations are in valley gutters and box gutters. EPDM gutter linings are also a great way to extend the lifespan of any gutters you have installed from steel or aluminium that might be leaking or in need of a repair.

EPDM is a rubber material used for waterproofing applications, and applying this to your gutter can create an effective waterproofing system for your building’s gutters!

EPDM gutters are essentially waterproofed gutters applied to any building.

Foam inserts and gutter guards can prevent build up of leaves and other debris building up in the gutters. The problem is that they can build up debris over time and become blocked which leads to the same issue as not having them installed.

The best practice, especially with a green roof is to clear your gutters at least once or twice a year to prevent damage occurring.