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Insulation Boards

Insulation Boards

Say goodbye to heat loss and keep your home warm all year long with UK Flat Roofing's insulation boards. From leading and trusted brands including Kingspan and Celotex, we supply a wide range of insulation boards that can be used on floors, walls & pitched roofs.

Keep the heat within your four walls and benefit from fast delivery from our UK branches.




High-Quality Rigid Insulation Boards

Our range includes leading brands Kingspan and Celotex. These products have great thermal performance and are easy to install, allowing you to save time and money for a warmer home.

Our Kingspan range includes TP10, PIR multipurpose and Kooltherm boards all available in varying thicknesses.

Find out more about each brand by visiting their associated pages today. Whichever type of insulation you need, UK Flat Roofing can provide the right brands for you.

What are insulation boards used for?

An insulation board is an all-rounder product that can be used in any part of a building or property to reduce heat loss and improve comfort.

There are many purposes for insulation boards including:

  • Wall insulation
  • Cavity wall insulation
  • Roof insulation for both flat roofs and loft conversions
  • Floor insulation under concrete, wooden and timber floors.
  • External buildings including garden sheds, barns and greenhouses

What are the benefits of an insulation board?

Insulation is one of the best modern inventions and truly changed the way everyone heats their home. Some of the major benefits of insulation include:

  • Energy efficient - reduces heat loss, making your home as energy efficient as possible
  • Soundproofing - reduces noise from travelling through the walls to create a peaceful environment
  • Durable - designed to be tough and long-lasting. And if left undamaged, it can last between 80-100 years before needing to be replaced
  • Cut-to-size: the boards can be cut down to size easily to fit any size you require

Insulation boards are designed to last and provide the best heat retention possible - however if these are currently out of your budget, check out our range of insulated plasterboards including PIR Plasterboard and Phenolic Kooltherm boards. Alternatively, check out our wool insulation which includes mineral wool and glass wool rolls. They are suitable for a variety of applications and are guaranteed to have excellent thermal properties.

Trusted Supplier

UK Flat Roofing is a trusted supplier of insulation supplies, with happy and trusting customers up and down the UK. We offer nationwide delivery, and if you place your order before 12 pm, we'll aim to dispatch your order the next day, so you can start your insulation project as soon as possible, (please see product page for more information on lead times.) Operating for over 35 years, we have a highly experienced team here to help you find the right supplies to keep your home warm. If you have any questions, simply contact us on WhatsApp or visit our contact page.


PIR insulation is the most used and efficient insulation material found online and is available as easy-to-cut boards. PIR can be used in many systems and installed in a variety of ways.

UK Flat Roofing provides materials that are efficient for insulating all properties and systems, see our range above.

Insulation board thickness can vary depending on where you want it applied in your home. Popular insulation board thickness comes in 25mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm and 150mm, which are all available at UK Flat Roofing.

The insulation thickness will depend on the U-Value you require to achieve within the regulations.

Please ask either an Architect or Insulation Specialist such as ourselves if you are unsure what you need.

Insulation boards are more expensive than rolls but compensate with better thermal values at half of their thickness, as well as easier installation..

Flat roofs primarily use insulation boards. Since these boards have strong features that can withstand foot traffic, they are an important asset to consider when creating modern roofs with single-ply construction.

Due to the many regulations, UK Flat Roofing will always recommend that you hire a professional when insulating a flat roof.

Insulation boards are easy to cut down but must be done safely to avoid damage. Cutting the insulation board to size must be done using a fine-toothed saw or sharp knife, snapping the product over a straight edge and cutting the facing on the other side.