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Celotex PIR Insulation Boards

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Celotex PIR is an easy to install polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation board with excellent thermal performance, featuring a low emissivity foil facing. Available in thicknesses from 20mm to 200mm, it can be used for floor, wall and roof applications.

Sizes and Board Type


Celotex PIR: Multi-use Insualtion Boards

Celotex PIR can be used in multiple applications from Pitched Roof, Cold Flat Roofs, External Walls and Floors.

We carry the full range for delivery throughout the UK with our local branches. 

We also stock Kingspan TP10 and Kooltherm. If you have a warm flat roof checkout our range of Flat Roof PIR boards. For fully adhered roofs we have Kingspan TR27 & Ecotherm EcoBond, for mechanical fixed flat roofs there is Kingspan TR26 & Ecotherm EcoFix and for Bitumen based roofs we can recommend Kingspan TR24 & Ecotherm EcoTorch  



All of the boards are the same PIR boards. The codes refer to the thicknesses. 

TB4000 is 20mm to 40mm
GA4000 is 50mm to 90mm
XR4000 is 100mm to 200mm

Celotex insulation boards have a Euroclass rating of F, which is considered the worst rating in terms of combustibility. However, it’s important to note that poor Euroclass ratings does not mean the material is unsuitable for home use. conjunction with Kingspan PIR insulation products is ideal.

The rating simply means it will not stop the spread of fire, so using fire-resistant materials in conjunction with Celotex PIR insulation products is ideal.

Yes! All insulation needs a vapour barrier which should be installed on the warm/internal side of the insulation. 

View our range of Vapour Barriers here.