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Building Boards

UK Flat Roofing’s range of building boards are available for purchase. These building boards are quality certified, with rigorous testing to meet the demands of various homes, businesses and properties requiring building boards for construction. Whether you need building boards for your roof or elsewhere in your property,

we have a great selection available. We have a variety of building boards to suit all requirements. These are available in different thicknesses including: 9mm, 11mm, 12mm, 15mm and 18mm in varying materials. The materials we supply include OSB3, structural ply, structural hardwood, cement particle and marine-grade plywood boards.


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High-quality building boards is hard to find when you don’t know where to look. Whether you need these boards for insulation or something else, our building boards are ideal for all sorts of construction DIY projects. We ensure that our building boards are durable through rigorous material testing, allowing these products to withstand various conditions that could affect insulation performance. Are you unsure which building board is right for your property or commercial building? Let us help by recommending a specific building board for you!


Building boards or “sheathing boards” are mainly used within the facade build up, behind the external cladding panels - they strengthen the lightweight steel frame racking structure to add acoustic, fire and weather resistance. Building boards are commonly used for different purposes too, whether you need to form a part of a floor, the insulation of a wall or a roof, building boards are ideal to assemble these building components. Take a look at our selection of building boards and materials today.