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Liquid Roofing Products

UK Flat Roofing offers a wide range of liquid roofing products for flat roofs around the UK, perfect for both trade and DIY roofers nationwide. Our unmatched quality of liquid roofing products ranges from liquid joint seals to liquid mastic guns, ideal for liquid roof maintenance or enhancement. Check out our selection below and acquire our bespoke liquid roofing products today.


EPDM Rubber FAQs

What Is Liquid Roofing?
Liquid roofing is a polyurethane liquid system that can be applied to most decks straight from the tin. This allows for easy installation and is ideal for refurbishment as well as new projects. They offer seamless waterproofing for homes that experience heavy rainfall or pipe leaks.

Liquid roofing is an easy-to-use roofing system that is ideal for any flats or pitched roofs.

Our Available Systems for our Liquid Roofing Products
Our available systems are ClassicLiquid and ClassicRepair. Both systems are capable of applying efficient liquid roofing for any flats or homes in the UK, providing distinctive benefits that will suit any type of homeowners or DIY roofers.

The ClassicLiquid is a full system that can be applied over existing roofing systems and has a guarantee of 10-20 years depending on the thickness it is applied at. Some of the advantages of this system include being cost-effective, showerproof in 30 minutes, weather and UV resistant and much more. This can be ordered as individual items or using our ClassicLiquid calculator. Ideal for long-term renters.

The ClassicRepair is a one tin system that is ready to use straight from the tin on almost all roof types. This is designed for quick leak repairs and has a 5-year warranty. Perfect for DIYs.


What is the best liquid roof coating?
There are a variety of great liquid roof coatings available online, which you can also find in our wide selection above. There is no standard “best” liquid roof coating as there are various factors that can affect your needs, such as the type of roofing, financial situations and damage status of your roof. In addition to this, different types of liquid roof coating offer different advantages.

For homeowners with flat roofs applied to their homes or properties, try our Classicliquid repair.

Is liquid rubber roofing recommended?
Liquid rubber roofing is recommended due to its suitability for extreme conditions. Applying liquid rubber roofing will provide a durable and reliable roof that typically lasts for 35 to 50 years, which is suitable for long-term homeowners.

In addition to the benefits highlighted above, liquid rubber roofing also prevents moss and algae growth due to the synthetic rubber - guaranteeing a clear roof for your home.

What is the longest-lasting roof coating?
The longest-lasting roof coating is identified as spray-foam coatings, which can endure mild extreme conditions for over 50 years. However, the specifications of this roof coating are weaker when dealing with extreme conditions.