Mr Green Modular Sedum Trays - per sq.m


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Mr Green Modular Sedum Trays - per sq.m

£59.40 (inc VAT) £49.50 (ex VAT)


Mr Green Modular Sedum Trays - per sq.m


inc. VAT

Ex VAT £11.50


Mr Green
Saturated Weight - 65kg per sq.m
Modular Systems
Tray 80mm - Top of Sedum 110mm or higher

  Same day dispatch if ordered before 12pm


Mr Green Modular Sedum Living Roof Kit

Mr Green Modular living roof trays are the perfect option for a fuss free green roof. The trays have a blend of 16 species of sedums, these are all grown from seed to give the maximum variety and as close to 100% coverage as possible. All modules are hand-picked to make sure that only the best trays are delivered to you. Each modular tray will easily click into place and can be installed by anyone, whether theyre experienced or a novice.

The trays have a built-in water storage layer thats filled with expanding clay granules, these granules trap water and allow for a slow release of the water in dry periods. Drainage holes are built into the trays and allow excess water to escape once it has passed through the main substrate. During heavy periods of rain, this makes sure the sedums arent submersed in water and helps with storm water run off by slowing the flow of water. This system of green roofing uses a light weight extensive substrate which gives the best performance for sedums.

When using the Mr Green modular living roof trays with EPDM or single ply roofing systems, its advised that a protective fleece is used. Please use the add on so that the correct amount is delivered with your trays. When using the trays on built up felt and GRP systems you can install them directly onto the roof.

For more details and help with what waterproofing system to use for your roof, please feel free to contact us.

If you need a retaining trim at the roof edges we would recommend using the 100mm system which is related below.


Brand: Mr Green

Green Roof Systems and Layers: Modular Systems

Height: Tray 80mm - Top of Sedum 110mm or higher

Length: 495mm

Weight: Saturated Weight - 65kg per sq.m

Width: 460mm

1 to 2 Working Days Delivery

Click the links for PDF's - Mr Green Sedum Trays Data Sheet


 Same day dispatch if ordered before 12pm


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