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BBA guarantees and what do they mean?

BBA guarantees and what do they mean?

6 Dec 2021

A BBA certificate is given to most materials that are used in the construction industry. There certificates cost the manufacture but the tests are independent and are reviewed on a 3 year formal review.

For our roofing systems such as ClassicBond, HERTALAN, RESITRIX and Firestone they are tested in several different ways to speed up the effects of time on the membranes. They also take into account old roofs that have been installed in the past.

The BBA certificate gives detailed instructions on how they have been tested and what is required to be done to complete to this standard. All BBA certificates require the user to be trained up by the manufacture or through a manufacturer approved training scheme such as the ones we offer.

Many other items like insulation or vapour barriers will also have a BBA but there lifespan is dependent on the waterproofing layers BBA for theirs.

A BBA certificate will asses the following:

Properties in relation to fire
Resistance to wind uplift
Resistance to foot traffic

A BBA certificate is a good indication of the minimum duration that a system should last. Most will exceed there BBA as with EPDM system there life expectancy is over 50 years.

BBA certificates are also issued for insulation boards and vapour barriers but these items are dependent on the waterproofing for there expected life span.