Firestone Water Based Glue


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Firestone Water Based Glue

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Firestone Water Based Glue


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Firestone Water Based Adhesive WBA-3781 is designed for bonding Firestone EPDM to Timber surfaces.

Preparation - Bonding surfaces must be clean, dry, smooth, free of sharp edges, loose and foreign materials, oil, grease and any other contaminents.

Application - Stir adhesive thoroughly before and during use. Use only when temperatures will not fall below freezing at anytime 24 hours after mating of EPDM.

Apply WBA-3781 over plywood or OSB substrates with a solvent resistant roller, taking care to completely cover the substrate evenly to avoid globs and puddles of adhesive. The EPDM may be Wet-mated to the coated plywood or OSB by rolling the membrane in place over the substrate. To ensure proper adhesion, compress the bonded portion of the sheet to the substrate with a stiff broom or heavy roller, such as a linoleum roller.

Tin Size and Coverage Rates
Size: 2.5L - Coverage 8 - 10m2
Size: 5.0L - Coverage 18 - 20m2


Size: 5Ltr

Delivery - 1 - 5 Working Days

Click the links for PDF's - Firestone WBA Technical Sheet


 Same day dispatch if ordered before 12pm


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