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Cladseal Facade EPDM

Our Cladseal products consist of a range of EPDM strips and Adhesives that provide an effective solution for water, vapour and airtightness for your cladding & facade needs

Cladseal is used as a vapour control layer in applications such as façade waterproofing and can also be used as a damp proof course. Cladseal is black in colour and has a textured surface on both sides for maximum adhesion with either Contact Adhesive 5000 or Paste Adhesive 3300.

Cladseal EXT provides a very long expected service life and is an environmentally friendly product. This façade EPDM system is available in 0.75mm and 1.0mm. We also supply all the accessories and adhesives needed for installation.


Consider Our Cladseal Selection For Waterproofing Your Façade & Cladding

Cladseal poses a unique set of benefits that allows its features to be a unique and effective choice for homeowners and façade installers in the UK. These benefits include:


The CladSeal system is a flexible range that consist of products and accessories such as EPDM strips. These products deliver solutions for features airtightness, soundproofing and waterproofing both internally and externally. Great for weatherproofing seals around windows, facades and other building constructions.


Products within the CladSeal system are extremely durable. With strong elastic properties, chemical and weather resistance, these products are as durable as the building it’s being used for. Once applied, CladSeal can last for years.


Your facades, windows and other building features will benefit from the aesthetic properties of CladSeal systems. Our CladSeal trims, for instance, are black in colour, which can complement a wide variety of buildings nationwide.