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Sedum Mat 1 sq.m

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Sedum Mat 1 sq.m


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UK Green Roofing
Vegetation Layer

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The UK Green Roofing Sedum Plus Mat comes with 16 varieties of sedum.We also have the UK Green Roofing Wildflower and Perennial Mat

Features of the Sedum Plus Mat

  • Fully esablished to add fast colour to your Living Roof
  • Comes in 1.0m x 2.0m roll sizes (1.0m or 1.5m lengths can be requested)
  • 16 Varieties of Sedum to add more colours such as reds, oranges, purples and browns.
  • Easy to maintain

Our Sedum mat is sown with a mixture of 16 varieties with differing colours and leaf forms. It is low maintenance and has a high tolerance to low amounts of water, due to the increased substrate thickness compared to other living roof systems. Its grown in a strong felt mat made from recycled British textiles and is supplied as a pre-grown instant vegetation layer.

The sixteen varieties of sedum give you a huge variety of colour and help enhance biodiversity. The sedum varieties we use offer a longer flowering season over other living roof systems. Colours range form greens through to vibrant reds, oranges, purples and browns. As well as a great variety of colours each sedum type offers a variety of beautiful textures for your living roof.

Maintenance is easy with light hand weeding once or twice a year to keep out wind blown seeds.

A Vegetation Barrier of 300mm to 500mm is made up from 20-40mm washed pebbles or gravel, which is used around the roof edge and also any drainage outlets or roof openings such as skylights, to prevent root penetration. (This needs to be bought separately depending on your projects needs).

The living roof edging products are manufactured in the UK from a high percentage of recycled aluminium supplied pre punched and profiled in 2.4m lengths in 75mm, 100mm, 120mm and 150mm to suit various depths of substrate. All corners and straight connectors are available too. For the UK Green Roofing Kits we recommend the 100mm option. (This needs to be bought separately depending on your projects needs).

The Substrate is an extensive mixture which makes for a low maintenance living roof, the substrate depth is best at 50mm or deeper but you can use less substrate minimum advised is 40mm.

For the waterproof layer we reccommend using the Hertalan EPDM membranes, PRO-EPDM membranes or RESITRIX SKW. For full systems and help with your Living Roof please contact us.

More details on the Sedum Plus Mat

  • Thickness - 30mm
  • Vegetation Coverage - 80% (minimum)
  • Rolls Sizes - 1.0m x 2.0m
  • Saturated weight - 35kg per sq.m


Brand: UK Green Roofing

Green Roof Systems and Layers: Vegetation Layer

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