GrufeKit Sedum - 540mm x 540mm


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GrufeKit Sedum - 540mm x 540mm

£23.75 (inc VAT) £19.79 (ex VAT)


GrufeKit Sedum - 540mm x 540mm


inc. VAT

Ex VAT £11.50


Saturated Weight - 65kg per sq.m
Modular Systems
540mm x 540mm

  Same day dispatch if ordered before 12pm


GrufeKit Sedum - Sold Per Tile - 540mm x 540mm

The most popular choice of GrufeTile. The low maintenance and instant impact of our pre-grown Sedum GrufeTile's makes them an obvious choice. Your GrufeTile will be supplied with established plant coverage, growing on 60mm 100% recycled growing media. The GrufeKit has a saturated weight of 65kg per m2. 20kg per Tile

Key Facts

  • Low maintenance
  • Compressive strength 2000 Kg/m
  • Water holding capacity of 20 litres/m
  • UV resistant
  • Temperature range 50C - 80C
  • Carrier material 100% Regenerated
  • Polypropylene (PP)
  • Carrier measures 540 x 540 x 90mm
  • Drainage Surface 318 cm2/m
  • Outflow Volume 40 l/m
  • Saturated weight 65kg/m
  • 12 month guarantee (all components excluding vegetation)

The Sedum GrufeTile Explained
Vegetation: Consists of a mix of 8-12 varieties of Sedum. Sedum's are low growing evergreen plants that look after themselves in the main.
Soil: The media mix (posh term for soil!) used is a special substrate (another posh word for soil!) prepared specifically for the GrufeTile, but particular mixes can also be prepared depending on the planting & project requirement.
Carrier: Made from recycled HDPE plastic, the carrier performs the following roles a water reservoir, drainage layer, protection from excessive drying of roots from the airspace below, the cups greatly improve product handing making it easier to install. Impressive!
Installation: The GrufeTile is equipped with a nifty double-action coupling system: the tabs on the side of each part engage the edge in the gaps between tabs of the facing part, making installation easy.


Brand: GrufeKit

Coverage: 540mm x 540mm

Depth: 90mm

Green Roof Systems and Layers: Modular Systems

Length: 540mm

Weight: Saturated Weight - 65kg per sq.m

Width: 540mm

Delivery - 1 - 3 Working Days


 Same day dispatch if ordered before 12pm


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