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GRP1010 Top Coat

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GRP1010 Top Coat


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The GRP1010 Top Coat offers excellent durability, weathering, water resistance and aesthetics and is applied directly over the GRP1010 Resin Base Coat. The colour is an attractive Dark Admiralty Grey

Product use
GRP1010 Topcoat is recommended for use in flat roofing applications especially where regultions specify a fire-retardant system.

When it comes to flat roof replacements, the GRP Roof 1010 System offers unrivalled performance at exceptional value and a genuinely long-lasting solution. Specially formulated to provide durable waterproof protection, GRP Roof 1010 has been developed by the leading polyester chemists at Res-Tec specifically for the purpose of flat roofing – unlike many other GRP roofing products. Every batch is made to a rigorous specification for consistent high quality roofing performance.

The system is LABC approved for ensured compliance with building regulations, fully fire tested and supported by the UK manufacturers RES-TEC.

GRP Roof 1010 Top Coat is applied at a coverage rate of 0.66 Kg/m2. We recommend allowing an additonal 10% to cover wastage during application (0.73Kg/m2).

5KG Tin - 7.5m2 (6.8m2 Allowing for 10% waste)
10KG Tin - 15m2 (13.7m2 Allowing for 10% waste)
20KG Tin - 30m2 (27.4m2 Allowing for 10% waste)

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 Same day dispatch if ordered before 12pm


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