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ClassicBond Water Based Deck Adhesive

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ClassicBond Water Based Deck Adhesive


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Water Based Adhesive

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The ClassicBond Water Based Acrylic Deck Adhesive is a nonflammable, acrylic based product. It is specifically developed to bond ClassicBond EPDM roofing membrane to a range of deck surfaces. For example, conventional timber roof surfaces like plywood or OSB3.

The adhesive has excellent strength without containing any solvents or strong odours. Suitable for use on flat roofs the wet lay adhesive is designed to be roller applied and used as a one sided adhesive on flat roof decking surfaces.

Features and Benefits
Coverage rates of up to 3-4m per litre
Non Flammable, low odour adhesive
Fast Application rates

Tin Sizes and the Coverage Rates
Size: 2.5 Litres - Coverage 7 to 10 sqm
Size: 5.0 Litres - Coverage 15 to 20 sqm
Size: 10 Litres - Coverage 35 to 40 sqm
Size: 15 Litres - Coverage 50 to 60 sqm

N.B. Roofs over 100 Square Metres should be installed with Contact Bonding Adhesive rather that this Water Based Deck Adhesive.

Suitable Surfaces
Timber sheets such as Plywood and OSB3

All boards should be resistant to moisture but not sealed with adhesive repellent waxes or other nonabsorbent systems. If in doubt a small test area should be laid.

Certain roof surfaces may not be suitable for use with this adhesive, for example, non-porous such as metal or existing GRP, for these surfaces Contact Bonding Adhesive may be a more suitable alternative.


Brand: ClassicBond

Glue Type: Water Based Adhesive

Size: 15Ltr

Dispatched Same Day
Delivery 1 - 4 Working Days


 Same day dispatch if ordered before 12pm


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