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Cladseal EXT EDPM

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Cladseal EXT EDPM


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CladSeal EXT EPDM strips are available in 0.75mm and 1.0mm thickness in a variety of widths from 100mm to 1700mm

CladSeal EPDM strips, stand out in terms of durability and are not susceptible to atmospheric influences, sunlight, UV radiation, chemical pollution, water and extreme temperature fluctuations. EPDM does not contain softeners which eventually leave or migrate to other substances. As a result, strength and elasticity remain virtually unchanged, without shrinking, melting, hardening or cracking.

Every building is subject to the effects of structural movements and thermal changes during its lifetime. Sustainable protection against wind and water is therefore a necessity in all climatic conditions and at all temperatures. Current construction methods increasingly demand more from the waterproofing materials. In addition to strength, elasticity, weather and chemical resistance, it is also demanded that these products are as durable as the building itself, without compromising on quality and performance. CladSeal is a well-established system that meets all these requirements.

CladSeal can be installed in a variety of ways to various building materials.

Adhesion with Contact Adhesive
CladSeal EXT (Exterior) + Contact Adhesive 5000

Adhesion with high viscous adhesive paste.
CladSeal EXT + Adhesive Paste 3300

Thickness: 0.75mm / 1.0mm
Length : 25m
Width: 100mm to 1700mm rolls
Weight: 0.75mm 0.97kg sq.m / 1.00mm - 1.29kg sq.m
SdValue: 0.75mm - 24m / 1.00mm - 32m


Brand: Cladseal

Length: 25m

Thickness: 1.0mm

Width: 450mm

Delivery - 1 - 3 Working Days

SKU: 40393

 Same day dispatch if ordered before 12pm


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