ALUTRIX 600 Self Adhesive Vapour Barrier


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ALUTRIX 600 Self Adhesive Vapour Barrier

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ALUTRIX 600 Self Adhesive Vapour Barrier


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ALUTRIX 600 is self-adhesive vapour barrier membranes designed for use in a wide range of construction applications. The membranes are suitable for use beneath mechanically fixed single-ply roofing membranes, self-adhesive membranes, felt, asphalt, liquid waterproofing systems, profiled metal sheeting and standing seam systems. ALUTRIX is also ideal for internal projects subject to very high humidity such as breweries, swimming pools, sports halls, kitchens and bathrooms.

ALUTRIX vapour barriers can be walked on and are puncture-resistant, with a high tensile strength, which makes them ideal for profile steel sheets.

These highly effective vapour barriers consist of a reinforced aluminium composite that’s self-adhesive on the reverse and protected by a detachable film. Because ALUTRIX membranes are self-adhesive, they are incredibly quick and easy to install, and are compatible with most materials.

In addition to the vapour barrier function (sd value > 1,500), ALUTRIX membranes also form an air-tight layer in line with Energy Saving Regulations. The vapour barrier can be bonded to metal decking, galvanised or uncoated, plastic coatings, plywood/OSB, concrete & bitumous substrates.

The vapour barrier should be bonded using FG35 Primer

Vapour proof
Very high tear resistance
Creates an airtight seal

Width: 1.08 m
Length Options: 10m / 20m / 30m / 40m

Notes: This product is bonded using FG35 Primer



Length: 20.0m

Width: 1.08m

Delivery - 1 - 5 Working Days


 Same day dispatch if ordered before 12pm


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