Lightweight Substrate 25L sack


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Lightweight Substrate 25L sack

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Lightweight Substrate 25L sack


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Sky Garden
Substrate (Soil)

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Sky Gardens lightweight substrate is a specially blended mix of free-draining organic material with clean, screened granular aggregates, recycled from certifiable waste products from the building industry, to provide a low nutrient water-retentive growing medium.

This lightweight, free-draining, low nutrient and moisture retentive growing medium is made from 80% recycled materials in compliance with the stringent Soil Association standards and certifications along with the UK Green Roof Code of Best Practise.

Sedum Substrate Specifications

  • Ideal for use in extensive sedum blanket or sedum plug plant roofs.
  • Recommend depth: 50 - 100mm
  • Dry weight: 550-750 kg/m
  • Wet Weight: 675-920kg/m
  • pH: 8 - 8.5
  • Provided in 40 x 25ltr sacks per pallet


Brand: Sky Garden

Green Roof Systems and Layers: Substrate (Soil)

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 Same day dispatch if ordered before 12pm


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