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FG35 Primer

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FG35 Primer


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The surface primer FG35 is used in combination with RESITRIX and ALUTRIX on a wide range of substrates.

Tin Size and Coverage Rates
Size: 1L - Coverage: 2 to 4 sq.m
Size 2.5L - Coverage: 7 to 10sq.m
Size 4.5L - Coverage: 17 to 20sq.m
Size 12.5L - Coverage: 50 to 60 sqm
Size 14.4kg Spray Canister - Coverage: 100 to 130sq.m

FG35 is a quick-drying, ready-to-use, solvented primer consisting of synthetic rubber and resins. This is applied with a roller and at a rate of 250g per m2

The drying time of just 35 minutes in the processing of FG35 is still unbeaten.

RESITRIX test results show drying times of other primers of almost 5 hours. However, the results show that they were never as dry as the surface primer FG35.

Tins can be applied with rollers
Spray can be used with the related hose and gun for a faster and easer installation on frequent / larger projects.



Glue Type: Primer

Size: 4.5Ltr

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 Same day dispatch if ordered before 12pm


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