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Mineral Wool Insulation

Check out our exclusive range of mineral wool products, we carry a full range of mineral wool insulation from Rockwooland Knauf.

Rockwool and Knauf acoustic and fireproof mineral wool is ideal for most applications where soundproofing and insulation are needed. We have different sizes of mineral wool slabs available to use for roofs, walls and floors.

If you are looking for wool insulation with excellent acoustic strengths, effective thermal capabilities and fire-proof properties check out our dedicated selection of mineral wool insulation slabs below.


Explore Our High-Grade Mineral Wools Today

We acquire our mineral wool products from ROCKWOOL & KNAUF, two of the UK’s leading manufacturers of sustainable, fireproof wool insulations. We ensure that our selection for insulation is both effective and worth the investment, and ROCKWOOL & KNAUF's mineral wool products provide high thermal insulation capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions. An effective form of insulation for any type of home.

If you are interested in acquiring excellent, affordable mineral wool insulation slabs in the UK, check out our selection today.



Mineral wool insulation is a non-metallic material manufactured from a controlled mix of raw materials ranging from stone or silica, which are then shaped into rolls or slabs to fit into walls, roofs or floors. This insulation is ideal for homes or properties that need to achieve a fireproof standard as Rockwool has a Euroclass A1 rating.

Yes! As mentioned above, mineral wool insulation is known for its high-quality, acoustic benefits, effective heat retention and fire resistant properties. Many trusted manufacturers for insulation (such as ROCKWOOL, Knauf Earthwool, etc.) are known to deliver these types of insulation products as well, due to their various benefits for different types of properties.

Mineral wool insulation is highly recommended for those looking for high-grade insulation for their home or property. .

Mineral wool insulation is fireproof, meaning that they do not conduct high temperatures to indicate heat. Due to this advantage, mineral wool insulation is fit for environments that put high demands on fire safety protocols.

This means that mineral wool insulation is often used in partition walls, ceilings, and features of your home that demand high fire resistance.

Yes, you will always need a vapour barrier for your mineral wool insulation. Without a vapour barrier, dampness can begin to occur, resulting in mould and rot building up.