Hertalan 1.5mm EPDM Rubber Roll


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Hertalan 1.5mm EPDM Rubber Roll

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Hertalan 1.5mm EPDM Rubber Roll


inc. VAT

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1.25kg per sq.m
50 Years

  Same day dispatch if ordered before 12pm


Hertalan 1.5mm rubber roll is used as an easy to use 20m roll for flat roofing and can also be used as a high quality gutter lininer. HERTLAN has a 25 year BBA and over 50 year life expectancy.

With its added thickness it is more durable and is often used on heavy traffic areas where a paving slab system may be fitted on top or as part of a green roof system.

This system carries Hertalans 20 year manufacturers product warranty. The sheet can be bought in various widths and lengths offering the minimum of wastage. It is vulcanised in house to your specific requirements so it can be installed in one piece to suit the project, this is ideal for people who want to put the rubber membrane down in one sheet, and save time on jointing.

It is ideal for non-standard shaped roofs such as L shaped. You must submit a plan of the membrane – please follow our measuring guide to make sure the EPDM sheet will be the right size for the project.

For use insulation boards such as Kingspan TR27 we recommend using 1 tins of 5.3kg Hertalan KS137 for every 10sq.m purchased, please allow more if gluing to rough surfaces.

If you are gluing onto a timber deck you can use the water based glue KS217 with KS137 around the Edges.

Alternative glue options for larger projects - KS205 Spray contact adheisve or KS143 PU Adheisve



Length: 20m

Life Expectancy: 50 Years

Thickness: 1.5mm

Weight: 1.25kg per sq.m

Width: 1400mm

Delivery - 1 - 5 Working Days

SKU: H1.5-20-1.4

 Same day dispatch if ordered before 12pm


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