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Taping Mat

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Taping Mat


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Size Options: 75mm x 18m / 75mm x 110m

Bandage Taping Matt is used for reinforcing the roof in the following scenarios:
Reinforcing OSB3 Square Edge Deck boards
Any local reinforcement on the roof or trim joints
The joints between edge trims and the substrate
Fibreglass jointing bandage suitable for tape joints and seems.

This is a general-purpose emulsion bound chopped strand mat designed to cover a wide range of applications by normal hand lay-up techniques. The mat is soft to handle and conforms well to complicated mould shapes. This mat has medium bulk and is capable of effective working over the range of resin to glass ratios. This high-quality mat is suitable for use with most types of unsaturated polyester resins. Resin penetration (wet through, or working time) is rapid with a fast strand wet out time.

Soft to handle with good conformity.
Medium bulk with good resin absorption characteristics.
Fast wet through and wet out.
Good air release.



Size: 110LM

Delivery - 1 - 5 Working Days

SKU: FT-Taping-Mat-110

 Same day dispatch if ordered before 12pm


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