Superseal Sealant 5590 310ml (15 per box) (8-12 L.M. per tube)


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Superseal Sealant 5590 310ml (15 per box) (8-12 L.M. per tube)

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Superseal Sealant 5590 310ml (15 per box) (8-12 L.M. per tube)


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Adhesive based on synthetic rubber. Applied on substrate with standard sausage gun.

Coverage - 10-12m per sausage

Directions for use

Apply the adhesive in stripes onto the substrate with a cartridge gun, then, after a few minutes, place the strip onto the adhesive and press down firmly with a roller.

The maximum open time limit depends very much on the weather . in general, leaving things uncovered for a maximum of five minutes still produces satisfactory bonding. Bonding on warm substrates reduces the open time limit considerably!

When adhesiring vertically it may be necessary, depending on the weight of the strip to detach it for a moment after applying the adhesive by pressing down the strip. Then place it again and press down firmly (contact adhesive).
The minimum processing temperature is +5C


Suitable Substrates

Pastes adhesive 3000 provides an excellent adhesion on many materials such as EPDM/Butyl rubber, hard pvc, acrylic glass, svs, rvs, stone, concrete, lightweight concrete, lead, wood and bituminous substrates.

The substrate must be clean, free from oil and grease, and dry. Wet substrates or substrates covered with moisture must be dried before adhering. Dirty surfaces and tools may be cleaner with cleaning wash 9700


Brand: Cladseal

Glue Type: Mastic

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SKU: 50058

 Same day dispatch if ordered before 12pm


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