Contact Adhesive 5000 5.35L (4.5kg) 9sq.m


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Contact Adhesive 5000 5.35L (4.5kg) 9sq.m

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Contact Adhesive 5000 5.35L (4.5kg) 9sq.m


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Contact Adhesive

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Contact adhesive 5000 is a ready for use contact adhesive for adhering CladSeal EPDM membranes to a dry substrate such as wood, concrete and metals.

Coverage - 0.5kgsq.m (0.25kg per side)

Directions for use

Contact adhesive 5000 is ready for use but can if necessary be thinned with cleaning wash 9700 (max 10%)

Contact adhesive 5000 shouldn't be thinned with other products

The adhesive must only be processed in dry weather conditions at temperatures of at least 5C. The material and the base to be glued must also be clean and dry. Contact adhesive 5000 should be applied with a stiff brush. Contact adhesive should be applied to both sides.

Suitable Substrates

Contact adhesive 5000 provides an excellent adhesion on many materials such as EPDM/Butyl rubber, hard pvc, acrylic glass, svs, rvs, stone, concrete, lightweight concrete, lead, wood and bituminous substrates.
The substrates must be clean, free from oil and grease, and dry. Wet substrates or substrates covered with moisture must be dried by means of hot air before adhering.


Contact adhesive 5000 is highly flammable. Keep away from open fire.
The solvents in contact adhesive 5000 are extremely harmful to polystyrene foam.
Contact adhesive 5000 is only suitable for EPDM by SealEco



Brand: Cladseal

Glue Type: Contact Adhesive

Delivery - 1 - 3 Working Days

SKU: 50172

 Same day dispatch if ordered before 12pm


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