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How Much Can Poor Insulation Cost Homeowners?

How Much Can Poor Insulation Cost Homeowners?
6 Dec 2021


Home insulation is one of the many facets that help you live comfortably within your home. This feature helps keep your home at your desired temperature, which protects your home from the cold in winter, as well as excess heat in the summer, meaning your home uses less heat per year, and saves you money per year.

In addition to heat retention, proper insulation can also mitigate noise pollution, helping yourself and your neighbours in the long run.

How much can you save with proper insulation?

Depending on where the insulation is installed, you can save a minimum of £60 every year on your energy bills for proper insulation. The amount of heat retained with proper insulation is significant when you want to save energy during cold seasons such as winter, or in general, if you live in a relatively cold area.

How much will it cost for poor insulation?

While you can save big money on proper insulation, the opposite principle can result from getting poor insulation installed.

We have provided a quick guide on what types of insulation you can get, and where you can install them. We believe that this post can deliver substantial information for anyone looking to save money in their own home

What are the different types of insulation?

Homeowners will usually receive the following types of insulation:


This is the most common type of insulation nationwide. The fibreglass insulation is installed with clusters of glass fibre that are bound to form a material similar to wool, allowing heat to become retained easily.

Spray Foam

Spray foam insulation utilises spray polyurethane foam, which allows insulation to be applied to difficult-to-reach areas as well as significant soundproofing in some cases.


Similar to the above entry, cellulose insulation can fit in enclosed, hard-to-reach areas to accommodate spaces that need insulation within your home. These types of insulation can also stand well against insects and vermin.

Radiant Barrier

A radiant barrier is used during summertime and is installed in the attic. The objective of this insulation is to ensure that your attic does not become overheated.

Where can I install insulation?

Ignoring the price of installing specified insulations in your home, the amount of money you can save from heating and energy bills can go upwards of £250 depending on where you install the insulation

You can receive the following insulation services if required:

Roof Insulation

Over one-quarter of your heating is lost through your uninsulated roof, so it is important to optimise the insulated roof of your home. Taking into account the seasons, repairs and other factors that you may need to consider when living without loft insulation, homeowners can save up to £215 a year on average (which will also largely depend on the type of home you have).

Floor Insulation

Floor insulation allows your home to feel more comfortable and cosy all year round. If your home is new, chances are that your floor is made out of solid concrete underneath, meaning that you will need a special kind of insulation. This is important as you can save up to £460 per year maximum!

Wall Insulation

Wall insulation is another significant feature of insulation you should consider for your home. Heat can be lost through the walls, and according to recent findings, over a third of heat can be lost in your home if your walls are not properly insulated.

You could be missing big savings with wall insulation, as you can save approximately £250 maximum given the right circumstances.

Window Insulation

Insulating windows not only saves you money but can also protect your home from any environmental harm. Remember our entry for Radiant Barriers? They more or less apply to window insulation, where overheating can be a problem for rooms such as the attic.

In which case, you can also save massive amounts from any damage done without insulation!

What about poor or no insulation?

Insulation is an easy, money and energy-saving way to heat up or cool down your home. While it is great to see the amounts you save when providing insulation in your house, you should also consider the fact that poor or no insulation can effectively cost you significantly per year.

The best way to analyse this notion is to perceive it this way: the money you save with proper insulation, is also the money you lose when poor or no insulation is applied to your home.

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